About Us

Our Vision

It’s a universal truth that communication is the key to successfully expanding a business. That’s why we firmly believe that it’s our duty to create a world in which every company is able to afford truly global communication. 

With our unique consultative approach, we want to become a successful strategic partner who makes global communication super easy, affordable, and customized to the individual business needs and uses technology solutions wherever possible to reach such goals. 

As an established thought leader on the LSP market, we are here to share our ever-growing expertise in all things localization to help our customers achieve their goals by doing what we do best – helping people communicate. 

Our Story

There is a reason that Milengo has been a pioneer on the global language services market for over 30 years. Ever since the company was founded by CEO Roman Kotzsch in 1991, it has constantly been at the forefront of adopting the latest translation technology for global communication and integration of agility and digital transformation to deliver countless successful translation and localization campaigns. 

Now operating four global offices in Europe, the U.S., and Asia, Milengo is proud to have 30 years of experience and a pool of top industry experts with their knowledge and expertise at your disposal to help you achieve your business goals. 


Meeting the Global Demand for Localization

The localization landscape looked quite different back in 1991. In fact, the term was barely used at all. But the rise of the personal PC heralded in a new era that saw the speed of globalization increase, and the world become a bigger yet simultaneously smaller place. The need for communication and internationalization from businesses increased and understanding this global demand became crucial for a successful business launch.

Roman quickly realized just how many IT companies required a combination of language, technical, and marketing knowledge from their translation providers – and Milengo (or “think global” as it was called back then) was born.


Growing with Innovation and Technology

After winning its first few customers, the company immediately understood the importance of new technologies and how much they improve efficiency. It was one of the first language service providers on the market to start using computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and translation memory (TM) technologies.

The company also developed its own automated project management system, which today allows its customers to track the progress of their projects in real time and get support from a dedicated project manager.


Rebranding and Strengthening the Team

In the early 2010s, Milengo was one of the first localization companies to adopt statistical machine translation for widespread commercial use, thereby significantly increasing time-to-market and cost efficiency. In 2018, think global was merged with its subsidiary Milengo – and the new Milengo as it is today was born.

2020 and Beyond

The Future through the Lens of Technology

Despite the high level of process automation, Milengo never undervalued the importance of human expertise. By 2020, it had added 1,200 professional linguists to its global network, all of whom boast the high-precision technical, marketing, and cultural expertise needed. This combination of machine translation solutions and human expert post-editing allows the company to continue to offer its customers high-quality localization solutions tailored to any budget.

Our team

Roman Kotzsch

Roman Kotzsch


Renata Olbrys

Renata Olbrys


Stephan Wolschon

Stephan Wolschon

Head of Software Development

Guil Fontes

Guil Fontes

Head of Global Sales

Sonja Rittmann

Sonja Rittmann

Head of Customer Service

Torsten Parecke

Torsten Parecke

Head of IT

Ariane Enkelmann

Ariane Enkelmann

Product Manager Linguistic Services

Monika Gruntkowska

Monika Gruntkowska

Localization Engineering, DTP and Multimedia Team Lead


European Headquarters

Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 5-7, 10179 Berlin, Germany

Service Center US

47th Avenue, Long Island City, New York 11101

Milengo Office Poland

Business Link Maraton – Królowej Jadwigi 43, 61-871 Poznań

Service Center China

W1404, Nanshan Software Park, 518000 Shenzhen