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AI Voiceover Pro: Realistic text-to-speech with emotion

Offering global audiences videos in their native language is the key to increasing engagement. However, recording voiceovers in multiple languages is a costly affair. Our text-to-speech translator, AI Voiceover Pro, delivers professional narrations for videos, audio, and e-learning programs in a wide variety of languages, all within your budget.


Why use Milengo's AI Voiceover Pro?

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Enterprise-grade text-to-speech with emotions

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150 lifelike voices in 40 languages

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Correct pronounciation of key terms

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Save 70% compared to classic voiceovers

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Ideal for e-learning translations

What is text-to-speech?

Text-to-speech (TTS) is the conversion of text into synthetic speech – or, simply put, an AI voice generator. When matched with the latest AI and deep learning techniques, the outcome is realistic text-to-speech with emotions that is almost indistinguishable from a human voice.

Introducing AI Voiceover Pro

AI Voiceover Pro by Milengo is an AI text-to-speech translator for global enterprises. We help you produce narrated multimedia content in over 40 languages while lowering the cost of your localization projects.

Our USPs? A unique quality assurance that systematically smoothens the emphasis and flow of the AI-generated voice, and a team of expert linguists that verify the accuracy of your translations. This means that language central to your brand, such as the name of your flagship product, is guaranteed to be pronounced just as it should.

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Free up your media budget

From casting professional voice artists to booking sound engineers and mastering – traditional voiceover can be a huge drain on resources and personnel.

AI Voiceover Pro offers businesses a new way of significantly reducing production costs. Add high-quality narration in any language to a great variety of multimedia content and achieve cost savings of up to 70%.

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Simplify planning cycles

Voice talent often can not be booked at short notice or are not available for the entire run of lengthy projects.

AI Voiceover Pro cuts the turnaround time on voiceover recordings and updates from weeks to a few days. The natural-sounding voices of our text-to-speech translator are available whenever you need them and can be adapted according to volume, pitch, and speed to suit your requirements.

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Built for frequently updated content

Videos are often outdated or obsolete because the cost of updating them outweighs its benefits. With AI Voiceover Pro, you can keep your audiovisual content up to date easily! Simply send us your edited transcript. We get the updates translated and have our AI voice generator work its magic!

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Talk to global audiences in their language

Find out how you can speed up voiceover and dubbing production to create audio and videos in any language with our proprietary text-to-speech translator, AI Voiceover Pro