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A full suite of audiovisual translation services

Translate videos and audio affordably with our ever-expanding range of translation services. From subtitling to AI voiceovers, Milengo enables you to engage multilingual audiences with rich media content in over 220 language pairs.


Why translate videos and audio with Milengo?

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ISO-certified translation quality

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Professionally managed multimedia localization

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Service options for every budget

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Support of all common multimedia formats

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Enterprise-grade text-to-speech

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Your one-stop shop for audio and video translations

An experienced full-service provider, Milengo manages the localization of your multimedia projects from start to end.

We offer professional standards at every step of the way. From transcribing audio for translations to professional translation services and incorporating translated media back into videos, we cover it all with a best-in-class multimedia tool suite. You focus on creating fantastic audiovisual content – we’ll make it globally accessible.

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Translate with confidence

Explore a variety of service options and quality tiers to translate videos and audio. From premium translation with expert proofreading to state-of-the art machine translation, you can choose the right translation services for your budget and needs.

Release translated videos and audio content with confidence, knowing that your translations have been checked by a native-speaking expert.

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Multilingual AI voice generator

AI Voiceover Pro by Milengo drastically reduces the workload that traditional voiceover entails. This unique audio translator achieves cost savings of up to 70 percent using advanced text-to-speech technology.

At its core is a robust quality assurance process where linguists correct the emphasis and flow of the audio translator. The result is professionally narrated voiceovers and dubbing of your videos and podcasts in any language you need.

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Our Audio & Video Translation Services

We provide a full suite of services to support the entire audio and video translation process so you don’t need to hire a separate production team to edit translations back into media for you.

  • Transcriptions
  • Human voiceover
  • AI voiceover
  • Closed Captioning
  • Subtitling (softcoded and hardcoded)
  • Multimedia functional/linguistic quality assurance
  • Integration of translated elements back into videos
  • Integration of translated audio into video/training courses

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Connect with a Milengo expert today – we’d love to discuss your requirements and consult you on best practices on how to translate videos and audio.

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Milengo offers translations of audio and video into more than 220 language pairs.
Some of the challenges presented in audio and video translation include: high costs of media production and differences in length of translations. The latter presents a unique challenge as this means translated audio needs to fit within the same timeframe as the source, while maintaining clarity to ensure it is understood.
If you already have transcriptions of the audio or video you want to translate, sharing them with us can help speed up the process. However, it is not necessary. We can handle transcriptions for you, if you do not already have ready transcripts of your audio and video.
We can process and translate the majority of popular audio and video file formats including WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, AAC, OGG, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, etc.
Criteria to consider include: experience with translating multimedia content, availability of voice talents, multimedia engineering and editing capabilities, quality assurance processes, and ability to deliver on time.