Why Milengo

We provide more than just translations

With more than 30 years of experience providing professional translation services to businesses, we know the tactics and strategies to make your localization projects easy and affordable.

From transcreation to AI-powered machine translation, we implement proven methodologies and innovative localization tools to automate, manage, and optimize your company’s localization process. Engage audiences and nurture relationships with global audiences in your brand voice confidently with Milengo.

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Client testimonials


We have been using Milengo’s language services for many years, and are glad to collaborate with such a reliable partner. Their sense of client service is second to none, and they consistently deliver high quality translations in shortest turnaround time. Milengo is supporting many of our product lines localization into many languages, and supporting us in ensuring local market adaptation. We are glad to consider them more as partners than service providers

Jerome S.

Globalization Manager



We needed the highest quality translation in the shortest time possible. Machine translation with post-editing has exceeded all our expectations, while also reducing our costs.

Yitzik B.

Senior Documentation Manager



We have worked together with Milengo since 2007. In this time, they have taken care of translation requirements for several of our flagship products and core languages. Their solution-oriented approach has allowed us to develop efficient processes for what can often be very technically demanding translation requests. In Milengo we have a vendor that we can depend upon to consistently meet our expectations

Arie van den B.

VP Documentation and Translation



We are an international company, so we need translations into 15 languages. It’s imperative that our projects are delivered on time. In Milengo, we’ve found a long-term service provider that we can 100% rely on. Milengo is quick and proactive in giving us the support we need. Deliveries are always on time. I want to make special mention of their open and honest communication – we feel like we’re in good hands!

Joachim H.

Technical Editor



With technical obstacles ahead and a tight deadline looming, Milengo managed to translate our large-scale product documentation into multiple languages on time. Their responsiveness and consulting expertise make them our trusted partner for our European and Asian target markets.

Luke R.

Director of Growth and Digital Marketing



Milengo has done a great job and always delivered translations timely. The whole collaboration has been extra smooth. Our reviewers had to make almost no changes to the translated texts. The content was instantly usable.

Vladyslav R.

Technical Writer

Orbus Software


We had an excellent experience working with Milengo – the collaboration was great, and they were always open to supporting any quality initiatives or system automations that might improve our workflows.

Gloria B.

Localization Manager



I love working with Milengo. Communication is fabulous and transparent, and I appreciate the efforts that go into improving processes and correcting mistakes that happen. The team is fabulous, and they make my life that much easier.

Anna H.

Translation Coordinator

Key benefits of our professional translation services


AI-powered Machine Translation

Our bold and innovative blend of generative AI and machine translation delivers branded outputs comparable to human quality, with up to 70 percent cost savings.


Technology with a Human Touch

To give our clients extra confidence with their translations, we always offer the option to have outputs verified by humans.


Scalable Translation Processes

We have the resources and expertise to help you seamlessly and efficiently translate additional languages and manage increases in text volume.


Translation Technology Agnostic

Our linguists and project managers are trained to use multiple translation tools. This means we can consult and help you choose the best translation technology stack for your company's needs.


More than 220 Language Pairs

No matter what languages your target audiences speak, we'll help you clearly and fluently communicate in their language and cultural preferences.


Translate Any and All File Formats

From video and audio to slides, technical documents, and websites, we have the capabilities to translate and edit popular file formats so our final deliverable to you is market-ready.

ISO 1700:2015 & ISO 18587:2017 Certified Translation Services

ISO certifications for translations require translation companies to implement stringent quality-control processes for translations and machine translation post- editing and ensure your translations completed by qualified industry experts.

This can positively impact both your translation budgets and quality. Localization spend is strongly linked to how seamless and automated your processes are, while translation quality is dependent on the linguists you work with.

At Milengo, we guarantee the highest-quality professional translation services. Our ISO certification assures industry-leading best practices are ingrained into all your localization projects, meaning our clients can confidently go-to-market knowing they have native speakers on their translation team.


The main benefits of working with localization and translation companies like Milengo include: consultation and advice on localization strategies, such as process setup and translation technology, sourcing and management of native-speaking translators for projects, and central management of your global projects through our complimentary translation management tool, LanguageDesk.

Companies opt to work with Milengo because we don't just provide translations, we also provide 30+ years of expertise in translation and localization, which we use to manage your projects efficiently and affordably.
Milengo has been awarded ISO 1700:2015 & ISO 18587:2017 certifications, which is a testament to the stringent quality-control processes we have put in place to maintain and guarantee the highest quality translations and machine translation post-editing. Our vendor management team uphold strict processes to vet and quality translators we work with to ensure that we only work with qualified native-speaking translators. Furthermore we implement quality-assurance steps, including the four-eye check, into our workflows to ensure translations are vetted and approved before they go back to you.

For machine translations, we employ a combination of cutting-edge machine translation technology with human quality assurances to ensure fluency and correctly translated corporate and industry terminology.
We offer professional translation services across all major industries including software, information technology, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, mechanical & industrial engineering, industrial automation, and more!

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