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SEO Translation & Multilingual SEO

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Organic search traffic plays an important role in helping consumers discover your brand. But ranking in search engines involves understanding how SEO works and in-depth research to identify interests and search behaviors of local users globally.

Milengo's SEO translation services can help you amplify your search engine rankings internationally to improve content visibility amongst potential customers!


Why entrust Milengo with SEO translation for your website?

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Fully managed SEO translation services for global websites

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Local keyword research

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ISO-certified translations

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100% native speakers

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What is SEO translation?

Imagine you launch your website in a new language, but customers give you the cold shoulder. The cold truth: standard translations are not enough for websites.

SEO translation is a cornerstone for website localization. It is the process of translating content using keywords that will help to improve your search engine rankings so your website can rank well in target markets when potential customers search online for products and services you offer.

Popular search engines like Google and Bing deliver localized search results to present the most useful information to users. In order to rank in search engines, your website and content needs to be relevant and unique, and include search keywords that your target markets are using.

From blog posts to product copy, investing in SEO translations can improve website rankings and deliver better user experiences, translating to increased sales.


of customers would rather buy in their own language


of internet users never scroll past the first page of search results


of B2B marketers state that organic traffic generates the most leads

Want better search rankings? Look no further!

Take your company’s website to the top of search rankings across countries with Milengo’s SEO translation services.

We combine 30 years of localization excellence with a strong track record in localizing digital marketing campaigns in dozens of languages. Add a highly scalable translation capacity, industry-leading SEO tools, and a team of SEO-savvy copywriters, we’ll enhance your company’s global content and website strategy with multilingual SEO content designed to increase organic traffic to your website internationally.

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Identify the most relevant keywords in target countries

Search behavior and words used varies from country to country, which means a simple translation of keywords will not help you rank. We help you pin down the ideal SEO keywords for each market based on search data.

First we brainstorm and research potential keywords in the target language, then we analyze relevant parameters such as search volume, search intent and keyword difficulty. Finally, we select the best performing keywords to be integrated into your translations so your content is visible in search engines across languages and regions.

Open doors to global markets
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Hyper-targeted, unique content

The number 1 ranking factor according to Google’s John Mueller? Awesomeness! Or, in other words, high-quality, unique content. That’s why we aim to preserve the impact of your messaging by drawing on a deep knowledge of local cultures and markets.

The result: no generic translations, but unique and truly localized SEO texts that drive user engagement and sales in your local markets.

Get unique SEO translations
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Topical relevance analysis

Not all topics are relevant for all target markets. For example, information about the latest and greatest snow shoes isn't going to matter much to a consumer in the tropics.

We don't just run through SEO translations, we analyze the interest and relevance of your content topic in target markets to advise if it's worthwhile to translate specific pieces of content or not.

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Why invest money in the translation of content if nobody is going to read it? SEO translation is the perfect choice for multinational businesses that want to top international search rankings and ensure customers across the globe find their way to their website. Aimed at marketing professionals, the service improves search engine visibility, boosts conversions for translated content, maximizes your impact in foreign markets and engages your global audience.
SEO translation is a multi-step process: 1. We research keywords for your target market that reflect local search trends, market dynamics, and audience characteristics. 2. We analyze these keyword clusters using state of-the-art SEO tools and select the primary and secondary keywords to be used in your translations. 3. We localize your content based on these keywords, including meta tags, on-page hyperlinks, and more.
For multilingual keyword research, we use leading SEO suites like Semrush. If you already work with a different tool that you want to base your search metrics on, we also support other common solutions like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Sistrix, or Ubersuggest.
SEO translation requires unique skillsets: On-page SEO expertise. Cross-cultural awareness. A passion for content marketing. Industry-specific knowledge of your industry. And, last but not least, multilingual talent. Our linguists come fully equipped for the job and are chosen from a carefully curated pool of over 1,200 editors, translators, and SEO specialists.
SEO translation is an essential component of creating web content in multiple languages. For maximum impact, it must be combined with a technical SEO strategy including link building, page speed optimization, a focus on user experience, etc. Furthermore, it might be necessary to create new content for the international target market. Milengo can consult you on how to build up your multilingual SEO strategy.