Milengo Announces Second Wave of Localization Project Management Bootcamp 

Milengo Announces Second Wave of Localization Project Management Bootcamp 

The first season of the bootcamp was successfully held this March and resulted in a new Junior Project Manager joining the Milengo team. Daria Abramova from Poznan, Poland, shares her impressions about the bootcamp:  

“Having completed the PM course as a person with no previous experience in this industry, I found it to be very informative and on-point. Andrej delivers the content in a comprehensive way, the platform is easy to navigate, and assignments are designed to apply the skills and knowledge you learn in practice.” 

Daria Abramova, successfully graduated the 1st Project Manager Bootcamp

Building on the success of the first season, Milengo decided to expand the program and launch the second wave of the bootcamp. This time, the opportunity is open to tertiary students and fresh graduates not only from Poland but also Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, and Serbia. This season, Milengo plans to offer up to three participants the chance to join the team as Junior Project Managers upon successful completion of the bootcamp.  

To qualify for the program, participants must meet two criteria: possess or be pursuing a linguistic education and have proficiency in the German and English languages. Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their applications by August 6th.  

Stage 1: Two weeks of daily training sessions – 2 hours per day 
Stage 2: 3-week simulation phase to test participants’ skills in a simulation of real-life localization projects. 

After completing the simulation phase, the most outstanding boot camp graduates will be offered a full-time working contract. All other participants will be awarded a certificate for successfully completing the training. 

Milengo is an ISO 17100 certified language service provider with over 30 years of industry experience. With a strong emphasis on consultation, we design tailor-made translation and localization campaigns for customers within IT, software, hardware, electronics, and industrial engineering solutions. In doing so, we focus on the central requirements of these markets: industry-specific linguistic and cultural expertise, process speed and cost efficiency.  


Katya Churbanova, PR Manager    

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