Milengo Enables Savings of up to 70% on E-learning Content Localization

  • April 4, 2022
  • 3 min read
Milengo Enables Savings of up to 70% on E-learning Content Localization

April, 4th, Berlin. Global language service provider Milengo introduces its AI Voiceover Pro service with expert quality assurance. The service is developed to match the needs of companies launching multilingual e-learning or training initiatives. It is expected to save up to 70% of e-learning localization budgets without compromising on quality.

Milengo’s new AI Voiceover Pro service was designed in light of the growing demand for multimedia content localization, which according to forecasts will make up 82% of all global data traffic in 2022. The service allows HR and marketing professionals, as well as localization managers, to reduce the workload needed for a traditional voice-over, and optimize their budget without compromising on quality.

Unlike traditional text-to-speech services that artificially generate spoken language based on text input, and which normally do not pick up on abbreviations, brand names, and terminology, Milengo’s AI Voiceover Pro includes a post-production quality check by language experts that ensures your proprietary terminology is pronounced correctly.

Another advantage of additional expert editing is the ability to correct the emphasis and flow of the spoken voice to make it sound almost indistinguishable from a real human. A voice-over sample created by Milengo’s customized speech synthesis technology with a human QA check is available on the company’s website. As a Milengo customer, you can choose from over 220 voices in more than 40 different languages and set other parameters to suit your requirements, such as the pitch and speed of the voice, how it pronounces abbreviations, and how to tackle dates and times.

Milengo’s AI Voiceover Pro service can be applied to any kind of audio-visual content, but it will be most valuable for items that require regular changes, such as training videos, in-house briefings, and other types of e-learning materials. The text-to-speech algorithm backed by human quality assurance means the voice-over can be edited as many times as needed without having to book voice artists and editors in advance.

Roman Kotzsch, CEO at Milengo says: “With audio-visual communication becoming the new normal, many businesses face a huge challenge because of the high costs and complexity of professional audio production. This problem is especially relevant for mid-size businesses and scaleups that might not have the budget for voice-actor dubbing. For such companies, our AI Voiceover Pro service can be a solution. Optimizing the costs and reducing time for production without compromising on quality opens new opportunities to making multimedia content one of the cornerstones of your communications strategy.”

To try out Milengo’s AI Voiceover Pro service, simply send us an email at

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