|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||Milengo Provides Translation Services to Wallbox to Enhance its Global Market Reach|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||

|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||Milengo Provides Translation Services to Wallbox to Enhance its Global Market Reach|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||

Wallbox is a leading global technology company revolutionizing the energy industry with its advanced electric vehicle charging and energy management systems. By reshaping the way users interact with the grid, Wallbox empowers individuals to control their energy consumption, save money, and embrace sustainable living. With a presence in more than 113 countries, Wallbox offers a comprehensive portfolio of charging and energy management solutions for residential, semi-public, and public use.

Milengo, a global language service provider, provides Wallbox with translation of advertising copy and case studies into Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic and Thai languages.

“At Wallbox we have a lot of important information to share with EV consumers, so it is critical we have high quality translations. We started collaborating with Milengo a few months ago, and they have already improved the quality of our translations. Moreover, their streamlined processes ensure seamless operations, while the project management team does a great job in fulfilling our specific requirements and making sure we keep our audience informed when it matters,” says Riccardo Mercaldi, Marketing Project Coordinator of Wallbox. 

To ensure the highest quality of marketing translation, Milengo combines tech-enabled translation solutions and human subject-matter expertise. This tailor-made approach, blending advanced processes and cutting-edge technology, ensures optimal localization efficiency and significant cost savings for our clients, all while maintaining the highest standard of quality expected at an enterprise level.


Katya Churbanova, PR Manager 

Milengo GmbH 

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